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Education and Workforce Development

EDAWN Employer Workforce Resource Guide and The New Nevada Human Resources Strategies Article
Education & Workforce


A one-stop location that makes it easy for Recruiters, Realtors, Employers or raving Reno fans to be an enthusiastic ambassador for our region. Find videos, links, photos, and information about a wide variety of community assets and highlights of what makes Reno-Sparks-Tahoe great.


Expansion Incentives

State programs for existing primary company expansions.


Primary Company List

Searchable list of existing Primary Companies in the region: who they are and what they do.

Primary Company List

Business Toolkit

Useful information and resources for new and existing companies.

Business Toolkit

Business License Information

The resources you need for state, county, and city business licenses in Northern Nevada.

Business License Information

Industry Roundtables

Councils and forums to support existing industry sectors.

Industry Roundtables

Existing Industry Awards

Annual recognition for existing primary companies in the region.


Data center

E-Commerce fulfillment

Carbon composite training

Precision machining

Polystyrene manufacturing

Cyber security

Manufacturer of biofuel

Software development

Manufacturer of health supplements

Valuation services

Dog trainers for law enforcement

Distributor of clothing & accessories

Provider of accounting software

Candy manufacturer

Distributor of pharmaceuticals

Manufacturer of metal cans

Electronics distributor

Cheese Manufacturer

Military small arms manufacturer

Designers of gaming equipment

Manufacturer of neonatal products

Manufacturer of liquefied gas pumps

Distributor of standup paddleboards

Domain name system provider

Developer of sensor modules

Producers of backstage passes

Processing for Social Security forms

Lawn and garden tools

Manufacturer of metal alloys

Manufacturer of diving boards

Geothermal power solutions

Producer of teas, herbs & spices

Medical software designer

Programming for patient television

Licensing for software products

Provider of customized t-shirts

Distributor of snow grooming equipment

Third Party Logistics

Distribute dental equipment & supplies

Circuit board assembly

Manufacturing of plastics & electronics

Financing for unique markets

Designer of historical footwear

Medical practice administration

Examples of existing business in the region