Industry Roundtables

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The Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals is a local chapter of the National CSCMP Organization and is member run and driven, with an Executive Board comprised of supply chain professionals.


The CSCMP Roundtable is a forum for the Northern Nevada community of Supply Chain Professionals to communicate and collaborate, and to work together toward the goal of continuous process improvement for all. The roundtable supports Supply Chain Management education, development, issue advocacy and industry awareness, and is intended to help promote the overall success of its members, the companies they represent, and the Supply Chain industry in the area.   For more information or to join the roundtable contact Cynthia Egan at

Northern Nevada Food Forum


The Northern Nevada Food, Beverage and Nutritional Manufacturers Forum is a cooperative association of local manufacturing companies in these and other related industries. Forum participants benefit by interaction with other industry peers and leadership, cross contributing via shared information and resources, and by the ability to create a collective voice to address similar issues facing these industry segments within the region.

The forum is facilitated by EDAWN and Nevada Industry Excellence (NVIE). NVIE provides expert resources and programs to improve processes and increase efficiencies and productivity, and is Nevada’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership under the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership program.  For more information or to join the forum contact Cynthia Egan at