EDAWN Executive Update

An EDAWN Executive Update is provided to the community on a regular basis to address updates concerning EDAWN and economic development in the region.


(September 12, 2016)


(September 16, 2016)


(September 21, 2016)


(September 29, 2016)

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EDAWN Assisted Companies

The following lists include primary companies which EDAWN has assisted in their relocation or expansion.

2015 Expanded and Relocated Companies List
2014 Expanded and Relocated Companies List
2013 Expanded and Relocated Companies List

EDAWN Public Presentations

EDAWN presents an economic update each year at the annual luncheon to provide an overview of the organization’s progress in the region.

State WCS

2016 Economic Report EDAWN

Buckley Report: Analysis and Review of Education in Western Nevada

The Buckley Education Group was commissioned in 2016 by EDAWN to research and analyze Washoe County schools, western Nevada region, and national data comparatives. The report revealed Washoe County and the State of Nevada’s ongoing commitment to education, to increase attendance, test scores and graduation rates.

Buckley Report thumbnail

EDAWN / RGJ Articles Library

The following articles published in the RGJ are written by Mike Kazmierski, EDAWN’s President and CEO.