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The economic development coup of the early 21st century was won by Nevada in 2014 when it landed the $5 billion Tesla battery plant that promises up to 6,500 jobs over time. In a state that long has depended on boom-and-bust businesses such as mining and tourism, plopping the Tesla ‘gigafactory” down in the middle of the desert will ripple through the economic sands for decades.

2015 Gold Shovel Award (few than 3 million population category)-Nevada

2015 Project of the Year Award-Tesla Gigafactory

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Electric-car pioneer, Tesla’s 5-million square-foot lithium battery Gigafactory moves the Reno-Sparks region into the top tier of advanced manufacturing leaders

The largest lithium battery production plant in the world will rise on a site near Reno, NV, creating 13,614 direct and indirect jobs-with $1.6 billion in economic impact for the region-in the next two years alone (the projection for 20 years approaches $40 billion in direct impact and $100 billion in overall impact). The plant is expected to create nearly $370 million in direct annual wages during the next 20 years.

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